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You know us already....Or maybe you don't? Well, then explore this site and join our next trip!

You can also contact MT travel in Moscow, Russia: masterstravel-AT-gmail-DOT-com - to inquire about our adventure tours.

How our tours are organized

There is no simple answer to this question. We will support both small groups of tourists and corporate clients. We'll organize long trips into remote Alaska wilderness or short vacations filled with action and adventure sports on Caribbean islands. We can offer accommodations at 4-and 5-star hotels and luxury villas in Dominican Republic or in the beach camp on Mona island - under overhanging cliffs... You choose time, place, style and content. We'll make it happened. We can adjust to VERY different needs and do our trips in quite different styles. However, a few principals are always in place.

On all our wilderness trips: we provide you with all gear and food. You only need to bring to the trip yourself, your personal clothes and articles.
Unlike many other outfitters we only use high-quality professional gear. Clients get the same gear as our guides.

We do it together, as one team: break camps, cook dinner, negotiate rapids. We provide coaching and sound advice, based on experience; we will help - but we do not want to take an adventure and sense of achivement away from you.

We'll customize every trip for you. Destinations, dates, food, degree of technical difticulty - everything is flexible and adjustable. Just tell us what you want - and we'll make it come true.

Simply speaking, we always go an extra mile (well... somethimes, a few extra miles). Come with us and see for yourself!

Our team

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    Len Fromzel

    I started this business in 2008 with a goal of making wilderness adventures and water sports more accessible and affordable for everyone. We already organized over 20 trips to Hudson River, Alaska, Mona Island and la Parguera, Puerto Rico. We are growing fast and hope to see you on some of our tours soon!

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    Michael Masterovoy Entrepreneur and producer based in Moscow, Russia

    Since 1992 his production company has made over 30 commercials. Documentaries Michael produced have played at festivals around the world. His feature documentary, Brailov. Judenfrei, had a successful run on Russian TV. Michael holds an MA in Social Sciences from Moscow State University.

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    Luis MendozaKiteboarding and wakeboarding instructor, owner and operator of Parguera Water Sports

    Luis is the best kiteboarding instructor I've ever met. He also is a windsurfer, licensed boat captain, excellent free diver and spear-fisherman.

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    Mikhail IogmanWilderness guide, kayak instructor, swim teacher

    When Mikhail is one of the guides on the trip, I know everyone's safety is his foremost priority.

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    Leonid MinakhinWilderness guide

    Leonid is my friend and partner on many technical whitewater runs. He is the most experienced of us all, and is always fun to be around. Too bad, being a PhD in molecular biology sometimes gets in his way of guiding our trips. We are working on that.


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I'll definitely come back to La Parguera to advance my kiteboarding skills and ride the board in one of the most beautifull settings in the world. Alex Fisher

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