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Camping .. of course, we mean: camping in wilderness, not in a crowded commercial campgroup with shower facilities and accessible by car ... the real wilderness camping is not an elective activity. You must make your own camp, or you will be very uncomfortable there. Still, when we think about past wilderness trips, our camps there are what we remember the most. Beautiful views, well-deserved rest, great food (no one suffers from lack of appetite there), tea and guitar sounds. And then there are these night skies with so many stars that it's hard to find familiar constellations. If this is Canada and you are lucky, there is always a chance to watch the Northern lights (Aurora Borelias).


Wilderness camping does not have to be a hardship. We have the best tents money can buy, we have a camp shower, and on layover days we often built a camp sauna (or rather, russian steamroom). It could be very small, but you will like it.

Come with us - and see for yourself.

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I'll definitely come back to La Parguera to advance my kiteboarding skills and ride the board in one of the most beautifull settings in the world. Alex Fisher

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