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Canyoning ( AKA canyoneering) is a sure bet to help you body generate a lot of adrenalene, but it is safer and easier than it looks. Not to mention it is always a real fun. The idea behing canyoning is simple. Many climbers always loved the easiest part of their difficult routes: the speedy descent called rappeling. So why not set dangers and hard work of ascents aside and keep all the excitement of descent? Fortunately, there are many canyons and mountain walls you can simply walk to the top from the opposite side. Just drop the rope, put on harness, clip-in with a figure-eight - and you are ready for some real fun and adventure. Please be ready to get wet, as mountain streams always rush down throgh the same canyon, so you will have to negotiate water falls and pools below them.


The learning curve in this sport is very short and simple: you only need to know how to use your harness and figure-eight descender. It takes 2 minutes to get instructions on speed control, on body and legs position - and you are ready to go.
But canyoning is a demanding activity. One needs to be in a decent physical shape to participate. The whole adventure takes a few hours, and it starts with a 30-60 min hike up the mountain. In a few places zip lines may be used to cross the canyon or to descent above dense vegetation.

Puerto Rico has a few excellent routes to introduce you to a sport of canyoning. They have many waterfalls up to 75 feet high, and rapppeling is the only way to get down safely. We promise you will have a lot of fun, and will be proud of yourself at the end.

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I'll definitely come back to La Parguera to advance my kiteboarding skills and ride the board in one of the most beautifull settings in the world. Alex Fisher

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