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Quebec: Mouchalagane river

Mouchalagane is one of the finest (but hard-to-reach) rivers in Quebec. It is located in the middle of Labrador pennisula. The only way to get to headwaters of this river is by a float plane. At its end, Mouchalagane empties into a fiord of the huge lake-reservoir called Manicougan. The lake is famous for its bad weather, strong winds and big waves. It has a doughnut shape (with an island in a middle, of about 100 km or 65 miles in diameter, as it was formed as a result of second-largest in history meteorite impact on our planet. As crossing 100 km over unpredictable lake is a difficult task which can take 4 to 6 days, all travellers in the past did not see any other choice, but fly out of the mouth of Mouchalagane with a float plane again. That (fly-in and fly-out) made for a very high price tag on descending this river. Last year we developed and executed an alternative way of getting out (and partially, in) of the river, using iflatable cargo pontoon boat with outboard motor.
As a result, you have a chance to explore this beautiul river within reasonable budget.

Quebec - Mouchalagane river activities

Mouchalagane from the headwaters to Manicougan takes about one week. On our way we'll have to cross a few lakes. But mostly, it will be river - with strong current and continious rapids. What makes Mouchalagane different from most - if not all - other whitewater rivers in Quebec, is complete absence of streneous portages. We'll run a lot of rapids of class 2 to 3+, but we'll have to carry around just one very difficult cascade, and even that - by easy trail. Rapids on Mouchalagane are technical enough to give a lot of pleasure to a pro, yet easy enough not to create any serious danger for and unexperienced paddlers.

We will catch rainbow trout the whole length of the river. There are many excellent camp spots. Woods are mostly pine and fir with white leaches on the floor. Lots of blueberries and edable mushrooms. Water in July is warm enough for a short swim. This is a perfect river. No less.

In 2011, Mouchalagane won't be the only opion for our Canada white water adventure. We'll consider also a few other rivers, such as Nottaway (James Bay), Moisie ( Labrador) and Coopermine (North-West Territories). All these rivers are among very best in North America, but require either extra time or technical skills or both.

Quebec, Mouchalagane photo album: Mouchalagane river, 2009

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Quebec, Canada - Mouchalagane river

July 8 or 14, 2011
July 24, 2011

1. Dates can be slightly changed to make a trip 1 or 2 weeks earlier
2. If we go to Mouchalagane again, some of us will start the trip on July 14, while the rest of the group will start the trip 1 day later, July 15 ( Fri) by driving

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