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Adirondacks: Hudson river gorge

Adirondacks park is located only 200 miles from either NY city or Boston, and it offers us nearly all great outdoor activities in existence, including hiking, mountain biking, downhill skiing, climbing, camping, fishing, canoening and whitewater rafting and kayaking. Our favorite place in the whole park is Hudson river gorge. What is so special about it? First of all, it is an excellent whitewater ran with many rapids of class 2 and 3, suitable for beginners in rafts and at the same time - real fun for experts in kayaks. It is also one of very few spots so close to big cities that offer you complete wilderness and solitude for weekends.

Adirondacks - Hudson river activities


Our trips start on Fridays. Team members drive from NYC or Boston to a put-in camping on Indian river. They usually arrive around midnight, make camp, eat late dinner and go to bed. Our stuff prepares the boats and gear for the next day and then also goes to bed. In a morning we have breakfast, break down our camp, and if time allows, walk 1/2 mile upstream to check the spectacular Otter Slide falls, a strong class 4 rapid, that our guides run sometimes to provide entertainment for the group. We start our whitewater run on Saturday morning, between 10 and 11:30 am, along with many commercial rafts. About an hour and few good rapids later, Indian river joins Hudson, and we continue down for another hour or hour-and-a half with a 15-minute stop at a good diving spot, called Elephant rock. Then we camp on Hudson river in the middle of our 2-day 16.5-mile-long trip. By then all rafters are long gone and we usually see no one until next day. It is a very long hike from our usual camping spot on Hudson to nearest road from there. We are free to swim, hike and fish for trut and bass. We can do a whitewater kayak lesson, sing a few songs with a guitar. Scenary is superb, water is warm, camps are comfortable and smoked fish is delicious. There is little else to wish for. On Sunday mornings we have time to sleep a little longer, as we do not expect water release reaching us until noon. When we finally get the sufficient flow, we start down the river again, and continue for about 4 or 5 hours (with lunch), running on the way all major Hudson river rapids. We arrive at out take-out spot at approximately 4:30 pm, deflate our boats, load them and the gear in the car, change clothes - and then drive back to cities.

Please be advised that our weekend trips to Hudson river gorge are billed as self-guided trips. This is being done in order to keep your costs as low as possible. We organize this trip for you, buy most of the food, rent for you high-quality boats and gear. We go along and provide the advice and leadership while running the rapids. We have more than sufficient river running experience and will do everything possible for everyone in the group to make it down safely and in good spirits, while having lots of fun. However, it is you who is ultimately responsible for your own safety, and for choosing the boat type appropriate for your skill level. We consider these weekends as best training opportunity for future participation in long whitewater adventure trips to Canada and Alaska. Next season we will ask every team member to sign liability waver form.

Hudson river photo album: Hudson river, 2008-2009

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Hudson river weekends

May ??, 2011
June 30, 2011

1. There will be approximately 3 weekends on Hudson River in 2010. Please reserve your spot as early as possible
2. We'll try to keep group size below 12 on each weekend

To inquire about availability, please send a request from our site or contact us directly

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You will be required to acknowledge reading Minimum Age, Health and Skills requirements for this trip when you fill out the Request form ( Inquire NOW!) and sign the Waver Agreement if you decide to take this Adventure.

Financial details depend on selected trip option and will be mailed in response to each Request

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