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For many people who love the trill of white water, rafting is the easiest and natural way in. Raft provides safety for its crew and has a huge cargo capacity. It allows you to learn a lot about "reading" rapids, and thus, it is the best cross-traning if you consider a transition to more technical ways of running rapids - in whitewater kayaks and catarafts. Rafting is a team sport; this is what's utterly missing in kayaking. If you go for a multy-day rafting trip with strangers, you can be certain to come back with new friends.

Taking to its extremes, on biggest whitewater rivers in a world, rafting becomes as difficult and technical as any water sport.


What are the common dangers when you go rafting? The most obvious one is falling overboard when raft hits the rock or a big wave. When this happens, you MUST swim down on your back, legs forward, relaxed. Use your legs to push away from rocks and never try to stand up - unless you are in quiet shallow water and near the banks. Do not swim ashore if you are not 100% certain it is safe - stay in the middle. Raft crew has to catch up with you and pull you back in the raft by grabbing sholders of your PDF (life jacket). Another - quite rare, but scary event - the raft can actually flip under certain condition. If this happens, you have to get out of raft's path as quickly as you can (to avoid getting pinned between the raft and some rock), when swim to to the raft from the side and climb on the bottom. Wait for the quiet stretch of water, then use you paddles to catch side line below the water and flip the raft back into normal position. Climb back again and assist others to get in. Then everyone is accounted for, look for the lost and floating gear.
This little tutorial is here, because rafts flips are not so common, and many rafters will never experience one in their lifetime. However, it helps to know what to do in such situation. Can a raft flip be counted as a real emergency? Probably, not. We've seen many of them; and no one was ever hurt. On some more difficult whitewater runs like Gauley river as many as half of the commercial fleet flips at some point.

While we occasionally use rafts in many of our Destinations, like Alaska and Canada, there is only one trip that features rafting as its main specialty: Hudson River gorge ( Indian and Hudson river). This is an amaizing piece of complete wilderness and 15 miles of class 2 and 3 white water, a perfect weekend run and training session for an expedition to a long wild river in Canada or Alaska.

Please check our schedule for Hudson rafting trips - and sign in. This is a best possible gateway to the world of Adventures.

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I'll definitely come back to La Parguera to advance my kiteboarding skills and ride the board in one of the most beautifull settings in the world. Alex Fisher

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