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Wakeboarding is similar to water skis and is also related to surfing. You use a board (similar to snowboard and almost the same as kiteboard) and try to ride a wake - steady wave behind a motor boat. For us the biggest value in wakeboarding is that it is by far the best cross-training for kiteboarding. In fact, if people who already learned to control their kites while doing body-dragging in open ocean, instead of next attempting to stand up on the board under kite power, will take a break in kiteboarding course to learn basics of wakeboarding, in most cases, they will become kite-boarders faster. This is because standing up on the board with a constant pull of the boat is easier. You do not need to pay attention to your kite as a first thing - you can concentrate on what your legs are doing. And then you learn it well enough to get on the board easily, without even thinking of that - when it is time to go back to your kite, do a power strock ... and you are a new kiteboarder in no time. Without wakeboarding lesson the same feat sometimes may take a few days.


Wakeboarding is a real fun by itself. There are people who prefer this activity to any other water sport. It's technical, beautiful and demanding. It requires balance, timing. It is like dancing on a water.

The initial learning curve in this sport is simple. It usually takes 2-3 attempts to do a first successful water-start. After that your balance and range of moves will impove by minute. However it takes years of practice to master wakeboarding.

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Tours to Dominican Republic
kiteboarding, horse riding, diving and other sports Oct 24 - Oct 31, 2010 Nov 24 - Nov 29, 2010 dates TBD - Feb, 2011
Tours to la Parguera, Puerto Rico
kiteboarding and other water sports Jan - June, 2011


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I'll definitely come back to La Parguera to advance my kiteboarding skills and ride the board in one of the most beautifull settings in the world. Alex Fisher

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