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Whitewater kayaking

Whitewater kayaking is one of the most popular fun sports in a world.

Seemingly small and unstable, hard-shell kayak has in reality almost unlimited capability to safely negotiate huge rapids and waterfalls of highest degree of difficulty - unmatched by any other type of watercraft. But it requires a good skill set from a paddler to reach its potential. So, we won't try to turn you into Tao Berman ( infamous kayaker) and ask to jump down 100-foot falls, but we can help you either learn this sport or progress in it, or - if you are an experienced hard-shell kayaker already - give you a precious chance to do a whole wilderness river expedition in real whitewater kayak, by carrying out all your gear on one of our bigger boats, and providing safety and rescue when needed.

Inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are bigger boats, more suitable for beginners. They are fun too and almost as capable in big rapids as their little siblings. They are much safer, as it's very easy to perform a self-rescue: just flip your boat back and climb in. Self-bailing floor will let the water out in seconds. In fact, after getting just a short training session of inflatable kayak self-rescue, you can start running class 2 and 3 rapids on your own. This would take a year of practicing in hard-shell kayak. Inflatable kayaks have excellent load-carrying capacity, and that makes them one of the main choices as expedition boats. Also, there are many tandem inflatable kayaks, which is great for couples.

Almost every trip we organize can give you some exposure to the world of whitewater kayaking. It can be real whitewater runs ( Hudson River weekends, all Canada and Alaska rivers), or training sessions ( Puerto Rico, Mona Island).

Just ask - and You are in. You will love your whitewater kayak. Remember: "all you need is love". And I should add, a good paddle along with it...

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