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I just came back from a kiteboarding trip to Puerto Rico with Lenya. I was kiteboarding before in Outer Banks - North Caroline, Maui - Hawaii and Cabarete - Dominican Republic, kiteboarding in La Parguera is by far the best kiteboarding experience I had so far. Our instructor, Luis Mendoza, was not only very knowledgable about kiteboarding but he was also able to present all aspects of that sport in a structured manner that is very efficient, his instructions were very interesting and right to the point. My daughter, age 16, was able to kiteboard on the third day of our stay. The whole Puerto Rican trip was very well organized, one of the days we had no wind for kiteboarding ( that's one factor that neither Louis or Lenya have no control over :( ), so Lenya presented our group with several activities that we could do instead. We choose hiking in a canyon and did not regret it. The view was fantastic, we got to see waterfall and swim underneath it, part of the way we walked through the forest, the rest we had to climb over rocks at the bottom of the canyon. I'll definitely come back to La Parguera to advance my kiteboarding skills and ride the board in one of the most beautifull settings in the world. Alex Fisher on La Parguera kiting trip 02/28/10 - 03/03/10
Dear Len, I thought many times to write you, now it gets true. I want to send you a view lines about our Alaska tour, because I'm so glad being invited to join this trip. For me it was great luck to make the tour and to discover Alaska. And I'm still lucky about.
I bear in mind your question, about what to improve. The truth is, you cannot get better, because best of all were you and your friends! All of you are excellent person. It is a pleasure for me, that I have been a member of this travel adventure and to know you all.
When I'm thinking about the tour, I'm sure everything was well prepared and good organized. The most important thing for me is, to keep everything good in mind, because I have been lucky what I have seen and what I have done. In this matter I'm fully satisfied. I like the way we have travelled with the pure feeling of nature. And I've learned so much knew for me on that trip, that makes me also happy. Such things like fishing and to know, how fish can be prepared. Especially the food was excellent and more than sufficient at any time. Let me say it once again, that fish was the best I've ever had in my life!
All your recommendations at the beginning of the trip turned out to be very essential, such as to buy fishing pants or not to carry to much stuff with. Okay, every time you can find some details to improve, but that's normal. Maybe the dishware like plates and cups. But, these details are not very important for me. Additionally it would be a good recommendation to carry waterproof gloves with. Another point for me was, to be well prepared in case cold nights.
As already mentioned, the group of people and the way of travelling and to discover a country is much more important for a very good tour. I'm thinking about our group, what we have done and what we have seen. And I'm very happy about.
Of course, in future I would like do such a tour again. That would be a great.
Warm regards to your friends and to your wife. Frank Summer (Germany) on Alaska-Kobuk trip, 09/2009

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